Birthday Greeting Wars!

So it all started on a nice little lake at the base of the Alps at the annual JV Women’s conference…where the Lord decided that Amy Hartman, Brooke Stevens and Lauree Austin should be in a small group together. Well I don’t know if you remember back to Jr. High or have chosen to block out that time of awkward bangs, awkward attempts at mimicking the style of older sisters and awkwardly fabulous best friend necklaces.

But I DO! And at this time want to give a shout out to a phenomenal counselor who helped me work through it all…you know who you are (but other people can’t cause of client/doctor privilege- sorry, this would be a great plug for you…only if people think you did a good job with me)

Anyway, retreat, Amy & Brooke, jr. high – ok I’m back.  So do you remember those awkward trios of girls? It never worked to have a three way friendship that was completely equal in nature. It had to always be three together otherwise the triangle would get out of balance, someone would feel out of the loop, left out of the after school play dates, feelings hurt because they didn’t get a chunk of the best friend necklace that was just purchased at Claires (but you did feel avenged when the cheap necklaces would turn their necks green!) Threeways are hard.

(sidenote, I hate that our modern culture has ruined the connotation that I’m trying to make here, so disregard and keep focused on the content of what I’m saying, k?)

So when we had a small group of three of us, it’s inevitable that someone is going to feel out of the loop. And Amy was that girl. It wasn’t like Brooke and I planned to brush our teeth at the same time, or make our way to the breakfast buffet together…it just happened. Amy’s feeling were hurt when she would come upon us in the bathroom mid-toothpaste-foamy-mouths discussing the days events, what shampoo we are liking these days, how did we sleep the night before, etc. In our feeble attempts to make up for the perception for our small group compatriot we even attempted a small theft from the kitchen and slipped the unnamed item into her pocket for a later time and enjoyment…nothing helped.  Our Amy was feelin like the third wheel. I don’t know why :)

Well! That does not happen on my watch and I knew that something needed to be done, some affection needed to be showered, some battle waged for the heart strings of our dearly beloved friend! You have to understand that Brooke and I are not always the flowery, poem writing girls – we played years of sports, knew how to spit in the dirt, wipe away the blood and stare down our opponents before we slide tackled them…so it wasn’t about Brooke and I coming together on this, it was a battle.

And this is how it went down-(cue the wild west whistle as the camera pans over the deserted and dusty road…)

Day: April 17, 2012
Significance: Amy Hartmans’ Birthday
Mood: Trigger Happy

I grabbed my weapon first and fired off the first shot

Not more then hours later – the response is heard echoing from the valleys of Slovenia

Despite being distracted  and going up against heavy ‘cuteness factors’ (no thanks to Kinsley Jane for being so darn cute!) and in a meeting I could not let it be done so regrouped and fired off my final shot

Tough Blow! There was a lot of executive power in that shot :)
But Brooke is a fighter and pulled out all the stops and a hot musician husband to return fire:

That final little shoulder shake from Kins was all I could take – war over! Mission accomplished!

Amy we love you and are available to fight over you for any other holidays, anniversaries, bat mitvahs and Quinceañeras.

(side note said in stage whisper…my birthday is comin up ladies :)

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About Lauree

Four years ago I was doing production for an arena tour, finishing off my African studies degree and wandering through life. In God's wicked (like in the British slang sense of the word) sense of humor I moved to the Czech Republic to be his number one Reluctant Missionary! I love my life, the good the bad and the ugly!
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One Response to Birthday Greeting Wars!

  1. Amy Hartman says:

    A whole blog post just for me??!? What??? For the record, at my very first JV retreat, I loved being the “third wheel.” Spying on you two, “stumbling” upon you two in the bathroom . . you welcomed me in wholeheartedly. For that, I will always be grateful. As if you didn’t already do enough, these videos just put it over the edge. I feel really IN with you two. I mean, REALLY IN. Like I’m one of the girlz. I don’t know how you found room for me, but you did. I can’t wait for every other retreat or conference where we’ll all be together. I’m never going to leave your side. Just you wait.

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